Mesas de exhibidores con su personal y asistentes en la primera feria de negocios de productos innovadores

PRTC hosted a business fair focused on Innovative Tourism Products, which integrated ecotourism, agricultural, and sustainable tourism programs in celebration of Earth Day. A variety of certified companies attended this event and exchanged resources to generate business together.

Ecotourism representatives include Aventura Cueva Ventana en Arecibo; Batey Zipline Adventure in Utuado; Blackbeard Sport in Vieques; Pure Adventure in Ceiba; Rent the Bicycle in Old San Juan; and Water Sport and Eco Tours in Humacao. Agricultural tourism representatives include Hacienda Don Carmelo in Vega Baja; Hacienda Muñoz in San Lorenzo; Hacienda Tres Angeles in Adjuntas; and Quesos Vaca Negra in Hatillo. Sustainable tourism representatives include the Development Committee of Maunabo; Natural Reserve of Punta Tuna in Maunabo; Rio Abajo State Forest; and the Eco-development of Jobos Bay.

In addition to the business far, a series of workshops were held for the general public to learn about PRTC’s Green certifications, the EnergyStar program, the Water Sense program, Solid Waste Management and pesticides provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. ###