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The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), founded in 1970, is a public corporation responsible for
stimulating, promoting and regulating the development of Puerto Rico's tourism industry.
We market Puerto Rico as a tourism destination through advertising, public relations and promotional activities.
We promote tourism among visitors and local residents and provide visitor orientation and technical assistance to investors.

We evaluate tourism facilities, establish standards of quality and regulate and oversee gaming operations.

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Our mission is to create and ease the implementation of public policy in order to make Puerto Rico a main and unique destination within the world tourism market.

We want to establish Puerto Rico as the focus of Caribbean tourism.


Project Puerto Rico as a leader in all of the components of economic development.

Board of Directors

  • Manuel Cidre Miranda, President
  • Dr. Marcos Vecchini Lugo
  • Lcdo. Ricardo X. Ramos
  • Sr. Roy E. Ramos Pérez
  • Lcdo. José E. Talavera Del Valle
  • Lcdo. Gabriel Olivera
Executive Team