Nautical Tourism
Nautical tourism as defined by the Tourism Development Act of 2010 includes the set of services offered in contact with water to nautical tourists, including, but not limited to:

  • The lease or charter of boats to tourists for leisure, recreation, or educational purposes, including excursions.
  • The leasing of small boats, jet skis, kayaks, sailboats or other similar vessels, whether motorized or not, to a guests of a hotel, condo-hotel, timeshare or vacation club, located within a resort or a tourist marina or near the places mentioned above areas, as provided by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company by regulation.
  • The operation of an integrated ship leasing program.
Destination Weddings
Few islands in the Caribbean are as accessible or offer as many venue options as Puerto Rico. Wedding planners have access to locations, infrastructure, and services to fit every personality and vision on a couple’s big day. To maximize the potential of this niche market, the Government of Puerto Rico has streamlined the processes to fulfill the requirements for a marriage license.

Click on the links below to download information on how to obtain PRTC’s endorsement as a wedding planner, the requirements to get married in Puerto Rico and a list of PRTC endorsed wedding planners.